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The Tableau Platform is made up of three foundational products that work together to create a cohesive data flow from raw information to clear insights.


Tableau Cloud

Raw Data
Prepare your data

Clean up dirty data with ease and speed. Automate data cleansing processes with Tableau Prep, part of Tableau Data Management.

Analyze and explore

Fuel unlimited data exploration with Tableau Desktop. Interactive dashboards help you uncover hidden insights on the fly.

Author, analyze, collaborate

With Tableau Server or fully-hosted Tableau Cloud, author visualizations, find insights, share them with teammates, and make critical decisions.


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Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bikes drastically reduces weekly reporting and eliminates infrastructure hurdles for better authentication, upgrades.


Lufthansa saves 30 percent in data prep and analysis time from increased reporting uniformity and automation.


Zalora develops Trender, embedded analytics powered by Tableau, to easily discover customer's shopping behaviors.

Grow your analytics skill set

Read the latest guidance for analysts and data visualization enthusiasts.

Role-based learning paths

Onboard quickly, boost your productivity, and gain confidence with role-based learning paths for Tableau.

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Visual best practices

Learn best practices for building the most effective dashboards for your audience with use cases and examples.

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Join the Tableau Community

Explore the Tableau Community for learning, connection, and growth.

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Become a strategic data leader

Analysts have a critical role in building a Data Culture. Explore strategic ways to work with executives, colleagues, and stakeholders.

How to talk to IT

Learn how to work with IT to bring self-service analytics to life.

Sharing Tableau ROI
Deploying Tableau

Build your internal community

Make your organization truly data-driven by establishing a data community.

Community Toolkit
Data Literacy for All

Translating analytics requests

Analysts face data questions on a regular basis. Learn how to translate business questions into actionable dashboards.

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