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Iron Viz 2023: Best in Class


Day two of Tableau Conference 2023 saw three fierce data whizzes take the stage for this year’s Iron Viz competition. In front of a massive global crowd, both in-person and virtual, they raced the clock and battled dashboard-to-dashboard to create mind-blowing visualizations.


Congratulations to Paul Ross, who inspired and impressed the judges and audience with his visualization—Can We Close the Climate Gap? A Tale of Two Renewables. Much admiration and enthusiasm for our other finalists,  Brittany Rosenau and Nirosh Perera, too.  

Read our blog for a detailed recap.



Game over: 2023 Iron Viz Qualifier Round

Check out the elite three who moved on to the finals at Tableau Conference on May 11, 2023.


Nirosh Perera

The Greatest Game of All Time looks at the 2008 Wimbledon matchup between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This match firmly cemented their place as two of tennis' very best. Nirosh is representing EMEA in the finals.


Brittany Rosenau

Spiel des Jahres examines this annual German competition that recognizes outstanding games created in the past year. Brittany is representing the Americas in the finals.


Paul Ross

The Best Board Game to Try Next helps uncover new creations and old favorites to try during your next game night. Paul is representing APJ in the finals.

What is Iron Viz?

Iron Viz is the world’s largest data visualization competition. What began as a breakout session at Tableau Conference 2011 has grown into a global phenomenon and become a core part of the Tableau Community. Three Iron Viz contenders take center stage and have 20 minutes to tell the most compelling story using the same data set. Like the qualifier leading up to it, contestants’ vizzes are scored based on analysis, storytelling, and design. It is something you must see to truly understand.

What to expect

Student Iron Viz

This virtual program is a great starting point for the world of Viz competitions. Students have the opportunity to connect with Iron Viz winners and meet members of the Tableau Community.

Internal Viz Games

Looking to build data camaraderie within your organization? Use this framework to set up a friendly competition with your colleagues.

Dreamforce Viz Games

Three teams of Tableau experts took the Dreamforce stage for Iron Viz: Team Earth Edition. They created data dashboards addressing opportunities in the sustainability, equality, and innovation space.

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Want to find inspiration, keep up with contest news or have a little fun? Stay engaged with Iron Viz throughout the year.



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Trivia time

Think you are an Iron Viz expert? Test your knowledge in this 10-question “which came first” trivia game.

Iron Viz 2022: Best in Class

Day two of Tableau Conference 2022 saw three fierce contestants take the stage. In front of a massive global crowd, both in-person and virtual, they each had 20 nail-biting minutes to whip up an awe-inspiring viz.

Congratulations to Will Sutton who impressed the judges and audience with his visualization on closing the youth literacy gap.  Much admiration and enthusiasm for our other finalists, Kimly Scott and CJ Mayes, too.  

Read our blog for a detailed recap. 

Replay the action

Go behind the build with our 2022 finalists

What to expect as we look forward to the 2023 championships? Watch Iron Viz: Behind the Build, where our 2022 sous vizzers spend time with their finalist partners talking through the technical skills and strategies they employed on the main stage.


Will Sutton

Will and his sous vizzer, Mark Bradbourne, relive the winning visualization.


Kimly Scott

Kimly and her sous vizzer, Nina Nguyen, discuss strategies behind a second-place finish.


CJ Mayes

CJ and his sous vizzer, Doris Kopin, share skills used for a strong submission.

Iron Viz 2023

Date Name Announcements Prizes  
October 3, 2022 - October 31, 2022

Iron Viz Qualifier *


  • Finalists receive free registration for Tableau Conference 2023
Tableau Conference 2023

Iron Viz Championship


  • 1st place: $10,000 cash prize and $5,000 donation to a nonprofit of choice
  • 2nd place: $5,000 cash prize and $2,000 donation to a nonprofit of choice
  • 3rd place: $2,000 cash prize and $1,000 donation to a nonprofit of choice