We curated Tableau best practices and the expertise of thousands of customers to help you turn repeatable processes into core capabilities and become a data-driven organization. Behind every step in your journey, you’ll have prescriptive, documented guidance to follow to help you drive business outcomes and achieve success. Tableau Blueprint allows you to zoom out to see the big picture and what’s ahead, and also to zoom in on a specific area to fine-tune and improve.

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Introducing Tableau Blueprint

Tableau Blueprint is a methodology for building the capabilities you need to create a successful, data-driven organization.

The Tableau Blueprint methodology flow chart.

Prescriptive. Repeatable. Proven.

Become a data-driven organization whether you're new to modern, self-service analytics or you need to broaden, deepen, and scale the use of data. You're not just giving people the right tools—Tableau Blueprint will help you to enable the development of new skills, create new behaviors, encourage participation, and recognize achievements to build a thriving data culture within your organization.

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"In this moment, we’re making data a more powerful asset within the organization, bringing our data to a new level internally. Previously we thought of each track linearly, but Blueprint changed our perspective—that they need to run in parallel."

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What does success look like in a data-driven era? Get guidance to develop your organizations Data Culture.

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"When we first started with Tableau, we were just thinking about dashboarding and reporting. We never thought Tableau would fundamentally change the DNA of the organization."

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Strategy & Teams

Align your organization on a vision for analytics and the roles to get there. build your analytics vision


Strike the right balance between security and data access. define a governance model 


Deploy a secure, stable environment that evolves as business needs change. build an agile environment


Educate your people to see and understand data for decision-making. drive proficiency


Build a community that inspires and celebrates data-driven wins. engage your team

Tableau Blueprint Process

1. Discover

Gather inputs to understand your organizations needs and shape your approach

2. Govern

Define the controls, roles, and repeatable processes to support your strategy

3. Deploy

Install and configure software, educate users, and enable communications

4. Evolve

Monitor and measure your program, engage users, and drive change with data


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